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33rd Global Experts Meeting on Cancer Science & Therapy, will be organized around the theme “Recent Advancements of Cancer Science”

Cancer Science Congress 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Cancer Science Congress 2019

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Cancer Science is an extensive field that deals with cancer research and therapy. Cancer, once considered as a deadly disease, but now with a development in the cancer research the situation has changed. It is considered as a huge success as there are different therapies available now to treat and diagnose the cancer. The targeted cancer therapy is one of the finest therapies in treating cancer as it involves, the treating of  the cancer cells by targeting and inhibiting the specific molecules that are need for the tumor progressionThis blocking can be done by molecular medicineThe Cancer Case Reports shows the stem cell therapy as an active treatment of cancer. Cancer biomarkers help in finding tumor cells and treating them. Tumor Immunology plays an important role in finding of new approaches for cancer therapeutics. Cancer Conferences expresses its effort to abandon the cancer from the world.

  • Track 1-1Clinical Research
  • Track 1-2Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics
  • Track 1-3Molecular Targeted Therapies
  • Track 1-4Surgery and Laparoscopy
  • Track 1-5Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Track 1-6Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Track 1-7Chemotherapy
  • Track 1-8Chemotherapy
  • Track 1-9Cell, Molecular, and Stem Cell Biology
  • Track 1-10Drug Discovery and Delivery
  • Track 1-11Drug Discovery and Delivery
  • Track 1-12Natural Therapy and Acupuncture
  • Track 1-13Carcinogenesis

Cancer cells have the ability to partition in a wild way. Disease cells overlook flags that will be dynamic in keeping the cell division, apoptosis and cell shedding. In a cancer cell, the greater part of the qualities transform into a flawed one. Malignant tumors can spread into, or attack, close-by tissues so they are the reason for growth. By the movement of these tumors, some growth cells can be part and travel to different parts in the body through the plasma or the lymphatic system and structures another tumor cell far from the first tumor which is called metastasis. Cancer pathogenesis manages the sub-atomic, biochemical, and cell-based methodologies are incorporated into growth cell science to all the more likely get it. Cancer Genetics manages the disease development because of hereditary changes, if the progressions are available in germ cells it can be acquired from guardians to off-springs. Tumor Immunology assumes an imperative part in choice of new methodologies for cancer therapeutics. Tumor Science Conferences explain the advancements in the cancer science field.

  • Track 2-1Oncogenes
  • Track 2-2Tumour Immunology
  • Track 2-3Tumour Biology
  • Track 2-4Tumour Progression
  • Track 2-5Carcinogenesis & Mutagenesis
  • Track 2-6Tumour Cell Interactions
  • Track 2-7Cancer Cell Pathology

The spread of cancer from one part of the body to another part or to the lymph nodes, which are not directly linked to each other is called cancer metastasis. Cancer is considered as a deadly disease mainly because of its ability to spread inside the body. This metastasis takes place through the blood stream or the lymph system and it mainly effects brain, liver, lungs and bones. The metastatic cancer cells does not resemble the feature of the cells where it was found but it resembles the primary cancer cells which is considered as a next stage of the primary cancer cells. All metastatic cancers are considered as advanced cancers. The cancer survival and treatment is influenced by whether the cancer cells are localized or spreads to other parts. When the cancer starts to spread it is very difficult to control. Even if the treatment is continued, it will be only palliative care. The pain killing will be mostly by Anti-cancer drugs i.e. chemotherapy. Cancer Management is a multidisciplinary approach that deals with the various type of cancer complications and its preventive measures. Cancer Conferences is an important key for both educational and clinical guidance for managing cancer patients.


  • Track 3-1Metastatic Symptoms
  • Track 3-2Pathophysiology
  • Track 3-3Organ-Specific Targets
  • Track 3-4Diagnosis & Management
  • Track 3-5Multimodal Therapies

The Cancer Biomarkers are the substances that goes about as a marker of the cancer site in the body. Typically, the biomarker is a processable marker of natural state in the body, it is an atom which is released by the tumor or because of the nearness of tumor. The biomarkers are utilized for the evaluation of hazard for disease patients. The cancer biomarkers particularly related with hereditary changes or epigenetic modification dependably gives the quantifiable method to discover the tumor cells. The most worthwhile capacity of biomarker is that they can be utilized as a symptomatic instrument, decides if the tumor is confined or metastatic in nature. The cancer prognosis can likewise be controlled by the biomarkers. In anticipation, the forcefulness of the perceived malignancy and the reaction to the given treatment. Malignancy repeat is additionally being inspected by the biomarkers. In Cancer Therapy and Treatments the biomarkers assume an essential part. Cancer science Meetings gives dynamic communications about the commitment of biomarkers towards disease treatment.


  • Track 4-1Clinical Biomarkers
  • Track 4-2Predictive Cancer Biomarkers
  • Track 4-3Molecular Biomarkers
  • Track 4-4Genetic Biomarkers
  • Track 4-5Cell Free Biomarkers
  • Track 4-6Imaging Biomarkers

Cancer is a hereditary infection created by increment of DNA transformations and epigenetic changes that prompts uncontrolled cell multiplication and neoplasm arrangement. Transformation happens as often as possible in the collection of human still it can ready to adjust the greater part of the changes. Along these lines, it won't be conceivable to cause tumor with one transformation. For the most part, it takes various changes in a lifetime of a human to cause disease. This is the reason senior individuals have malignancy, as they have had various possibilities for transformation. Oncogenomic manages the portrayal of cancer related qualities. Tumour suppressor genes or oncogenes are the one that deals with the cell cycle process, so they are known as the protective cells. These hereditary changes heighten the danger of malignancy. The nearness of changed qualities in germ cells can be acquired to the off springs. Tumor Pharmacology manages the activity of medication on disease patients. Cancer science Meetings investigates the new thoughts and systems of malignancy treatment.

  • Track 5-1Oncogenes
  • Track 5-2Proto-oncogenes
  • Track 5-3Cancer predisposition
  • Track 5-4Tumour Suppressors
  • Track 5-5Genetic Cancer Syndromes
  • Track 5-6Genetic Counselling & Testing

Screening tests can help to find cancer at an early stage, before recognizing the symptoms. Diagnostic testing of cancer includes the tests done by a pathologist to confirm the stage of cancer, size of the tumor, area infected by the tumor, etc.  Various pathological and histopathological techniques are used in cancer diagnosis. Some of the common procedures for Cancer diagnosis are biopsy, MRI, X-Ray etc. Some of the other techniques which are commonly used nowadays to detect or identify the cancers originating from an organ are endoscopy for gastrointestinal cancers, mammography for breast cancers etc. One of the newly invented techniques for detection of organ defined cancers is nuclear medicine imaging which utilizes radiopharmaceuticals to identify the structure of the tumor present in that specified organ or tissue. Cancer Conferences provides a podium to bring forward the novel therapies for cancer.

  • Track 6-1Sigmoidoscopy
  • Track 6-2Colonoscopy
  • Track 6-3Nuclear imaging
  • Track 6-4Screening test
  • Track 6-5Benefits of screening
  • Track 6-6Angiogenesis Inhibitors
  • Track 6-7Synthetic Lethality
  • Track 6-8Risks of screening
  • Track 6-9Molecular Diagnostics

A biopsy is a restorative examination normally done by a specialist, an interventional radiologist, or an interventional cardiologist concerning extraction of test cells or tissues for investigation to decide the presence of a malady state. Predominantly the biopsy is of two classifications, the excisional biopsy in which the influenced tissues or cells are expelled and the incisional biopsy in which some example is separated from the influenced locale for analysis. At the point when disease is suspected, the primary endeavor will be excisional biopsy on the off chance that it doesn't work they will go for incisional biopsy to decide if the tumor is generous or harmful. Some of the time in biopsy if the zone of doubt isn't discovered, X-beams or ultrasound can be utilized to follow the territory it is known as ultra sound guided biopsy or stereotactic guided biopsy. The most secure method of analysis and a minor surgery is called fine needle aspiration. A noninvasive technique for diagnosing malignancy is liquid biopsy. Tumor pathogenesis is considered as a most essential technique after biopsy. Oncology - Clinical Trials, in which the biopsy is considered as an essential system. Cancer Science and Therapy Conferences clears a path towards an achievement in tumor research field.

  • Track 7-1Fine needle aspiration
  • Track 7-2Incisional biopsy
  • Track 7-3Liquid biopsy
  • Track 7-4Excisional biopsy
  • Track 7-5Stereotactic guided biopsy

Cancer can be treated by different methods. The treatment depends on the location, Stage and grade of the cancer. Bone Marrow transplantation is a therapy that takes place in case of leukemia lymphoma and myeloma. In Radiation therapy, the patient is treated with the ionization radiations which destroys the cancer cells. Chemotherapy, in which anti-cancer drugs are used to treat the cancer. Cancer Immunotherapy is a type of treatment in which the immune system is trigged to treat the cancer. Some cancers will be sensitive to hormones so by inhibiting or removing the specific hormones, the cancer growth can be controlled, it can be called as Hormone Therapy. The metastatic tumors can be best treated with Targeted treatment, in which the area of disease can be focused on effortlessly. Numerous novel Approaches to Cancer Therapeutics are being uncovered in the cancer science and treatment field .Cancer Science and Therapy Conferences are an undertaking to obtain dominance in cancer inquire about field.

  • Track 8-1Gene Therapy
  • Track 8-2Immunotherapy
  • Track 8-3Biomarkers in cancer detection
  • Track 8-4Radiation Therapy
  • Track 8-5Chemotherapy
  • Track 8-6Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Track 8-7Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Track 8-8Molecular Targeted Therapies
  • Track 8-9Molecular Targeted Therapies

The targeted cancer treatment is one of the best treatments in treating disease, in this the cancer cells are dealt with by focusing on and restraining the particular particles that are requirement for the tumor progression. This blocking should be possible by molecular medicine. It is superior to the typical chemotherapy, which just ruins the wild tumor development. Molecular medicine is a broad field that utilizations different apparatuses to characterize the sub-atomic structure and its component, likewise to perceive the mistakes in qualities and to create sub-atomic impedances to treat them. Since the vast majority of the atoms utilized for focusing on are biopharmaceuticals, this can likewise be alluded as biotherapy. Aside from the biotherapy, the focused on tumor treatment can likewise utilize the nanoengineered enzymes, in which this protein is utilized to tie to the malignancy cell with the goal that the regular cell corruption arrangement of the body slaughters and dispose of it from the body. Organ-Defined Cancers can be adequately treated by the focused on treatment. Cancer Therapy Conferences uncovers the expansive scope of information of focused treatments for treating the cancer.

  • Track 9-1Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Track 9-2Small Molecule Drugs
  • Track 9-3Tyrosine-kinase inhibitors
  • Track 9-4Hormone Therapies
  • Track 9-5Implications of Targeted Therapy
  • Track 9-6Targeted Cancer Therapy & Health Economics

The stem cells are used to treat the disease condition is called stem cell therapy. An undifferentiated cell that can be differentiated into a specific cell or multiple copies of the own cell is called stem cell. These stem cells are predominant in the multicellular organisms. There are two kinds of stem cells, one is the embryonic stem cells derived from the blastocyst inner cell mass and the another one is the adult stem cells, it can be derived from various tissues of an adult. This adult cell combining with the progenitor cells acts as a repair system of the body. During cancer therapies like chemotherapy or radiation therapy, due to high doses the stem cells get destroyed. Stem cell transplants are generally used to treat or maintain stem cell level in cancer patients. There are many Cancer Case Reports shows the stem cell therapy as an effective treatment of cancer. Cancer Conferences acts as a podium of gaining knowledge about the new inventions in cancer stem cell therapy.

  • Track 10-1Cancer Stem Cells
  • Track 10-2Stem Cells and Tumours
  • Track 10-3Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Track 10-4Bone Marrow Transplantation
  • Track 10-5Cord Blood Stem Cells and Cancer
  • Track 10-6Stem Cell Research

The usage of ionizing radiation in the cancer treatment is known as radiation oncology. Mostly the chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used in combination to treat tumor. It also helps better to reduce the tumor burden. The radiation therapy has some side effects, they are categorized into immediate and late side effects. The prompt reactions are retching, intestinal uneasiness, swelling, infertility and so forth., The late symptoms are fibrosis, epilation, heart infections and so on., Sometimes radiation enteropathy will likewise involvement by the patients. Due to radiation therapy, hormonal imbalance may also happen. Cancer metabolomics is an important tool for cancer detection and treatment. Cancer case reports are the proof for the adequacy and reactions of radiation treatment. Cancer Science Conferences uncovers the developments in malignancy treatment field.

  • Track 11-1Metastatic cancer
  • Track 11-2Breast cancer
  • Track 11-3Breast cancer
  • Track 11-4Localized cancer
  • Track 11-5Ovarian cancer
  • Track 11-6Ovarian cancer
  • Track 11-7Prostate cancer

Cancer immunology shows the relationship between the immune system and the progression of cancer. The cancer immunotherapy in which it uses the immune system for the cancer treatment. Usually the cancer cells will have some surface molecules on them that prevents the immune system from recognizing them as a cancer cells. In immunotherapy those surface molecules are being targeted and destroyed, so that the cancer cells are being identified by the immune cells. It is more effective, Specific, long term than the chemotherapy and Surgery. Immunotherapy is something that empowers the cells of insusceptible framework to assault the cells of tumor, so it can likewise be called as Biotherapy. To keep the movement of neoplastic tissue, the insusceptible framework distinguishes the changed cells which is called growth immuno reconnaissance. Cancer Biomarkers are the best apparatus for perceiving the area of malignancy, which will be exceptionally helpful for cancer treatment. Cancer Science and Therapy Conferences instills the best learning of the treatments and medications in the cancer field.. Cancer Biomarkers are the best tool for recognizing the location of cancer, which will be very useful for cancer treatment. Cancer Science and Therapy Conferences inculcates the best knowledge of the therapies and treatments in the cancer field.

  • Track 12-1Cancer-Specific Antigens
  • Track 12-2Tumour Immunogenicity
  • Track 12-3Tumour Immunogenicity
  • Track 12-4Antitumor Immune Response
  • Track 12-5Tumour Elimination
  • Track 12-6Cancer Immunosurveillance
  • Track 12-7Cancer Immunology and Chemotherapy
  • Track 12-8Cancer & Viruses

Pharmacology manages activity of medication in the body. Medications demonstrated great outcomes in creature show, when utilized as a part of cancer patient of less tumor trouble was not all that powerful. In such case the tumor burden can be reduced first by cancer surgery and it is followed by chemotherapy can be done, this is called as adjuvant therapy. In combination with chemotherapy, a heat therapy called hyperthermia therapy can be used to control various cancer types. The electric volts are passed on the tumor cells to stop their movement alongside chemotherapy is known as electrochemotherapy. The use of chemotherapy alone for cancer treatments leads to many side effects like cardiotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity etc., Cancer genetics will be helpful for identifying the mode of treatment for Cancer. Cancer biomarkers adequately help with discovering tumor cells and treating them. Cancer Conferences gives a discernment about the new methodologies rising in malignancy treatment.

  • Track 13-1Tumour Targeting Strategies
  • Track 13-2Hormonal & Biological Agents
  • Track 13-3Cancer Drug Targets
  • Track 13-4Clinical Trials
  • Track 13-5Anticancer Therapeutics
  • Track 13-6Preclinical Models for Drug Evaluation
  • Track 13-7Research and Analytical Methods

The alternative medicine for cancer is something which is given for the cancer patients as an alternate to the existing therapies, which are not proved by the Food and Drug Administration - FDA. The Massage therapy have showed some good results but they are only temporary. Other therapies like supportive psychotherapy and hypnosis shows very weak results. The Cognitive treatment demonstrated direct advantages yet again it is additionally transitory. The suggestion for Music therapy is ambiguous, and certain herbal interferences are very poisonous to some cancer patients. The Acupuncture Treatment is also being predominantly used alternative treatments, but with very weak results. All these treatments will give only placebo effects, nothing more than that for cancer therapy. Cancer Science Conferences serves to investigations the simultaneous routes in growth treatment

  • Track 14-1Acupuncture
  • Track 14-2Integrative Medicine
  • Track 14-3Dietary Supplements and Herbal Remedies
  • Track 14-4Biologic Treatments
  • Track 14-5Meditation & Yoga
  • Track 14-6Gerson therapy

Cancer genomics manages the portrayal distinction between the tumor cells and ordinary cells based on gene expressionand grouping of the DNA. The motivation behind this investigation is to comprehend the essential hereditary qualities of tumor movement, advancement of genome of disease by transformation and the activity of medication in the cancer micro environment. Metabolomics is the investigation of the substance fingerprints left by a metabolite amid digestion. If there should be an occurrence of tumor cells, it will be extremely valuable to examine the metabolite profile for sedate improvement. Numerous revelations are being made in disease metabolomics, one of them is the noninvasive approval of metabolic biomarkers from the body liquid of tumor patients. Cancer Cell Biology improves the comprehension of the compound changes occurring inside cancer cells. Cancer Science Conferences gives a multidisciplinary information to cancer analysts.

  • Track 15-1Tumour cell proliferation
  • Track 15-2Genomic Studies
  • Track 15-3Cancer Genome Atlas(TCGA)
  • Track 15-4Genomics Tools
  • Track 15-5Metabolite Pathways
  • Track 15-6Metabolic Technologies
  • Track 15-7Data Interpretations
  • Track 15-8Metabolomics as Biomarker

Tumor virology manages the particular infection diseases and malignancy, oncogenes, tumor silencers, oncogenic cofactors, disturbance of natural/versatile resistant reactions, inertness, viral mimicry/robbery of cell administrative qualities, genomic unsteadiness and part of non-coding RNAs in viral pathogenesis. The motivation behind this investigation is to create viral vectors for human growth quality treatment and to advance immunization procedures for treatment of viral-related malignancies. A few techniques are being trailed incorporating hereditary inoculation with recombinant viral vectors in view of Semliki Forest infection, insusceptible checkpoint inhibitors and methodologies to re-balance the immuno suppressive tumor condition.

  • Track 16-1Viral Mimicry of genes
  • Track 16-2Principle investigator
  • Track 16-3Viral Therapy
  • Track 16-4Viral-associated Cancers

Nanotechnology offers scientists with the chance to examine and control macromolecules progressively and amid the most punctual phases of malignancy movement. It gives the way to target chemotherapies specifically and specifically to carcinogenic cells and neoplasms, impact in careful resection of tumors, and improve the restorative adequacy of radiation-based and other current treatment modalities. Nanotechnology can give quick and unpretentious location of tumor related particles, empowering researchers to identify sub-atomic changes not withstanding when they happen just in a little level of cells. Nanotechnology likewise can possibly induce totally novel and exceedingly therapeutic agents.

  • Track 17-1Nanoparticle packages
  • Track 17-2 Energy absorption and re-radiation
  • Track 17-3Laser ablation
  • Track 17-4Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Track 17-5Passive Tumor Accumulation
  • Track 17-6Active Tumor Targeting

The general population who takes Special care of growth patients are oncology nurture, this can be named as oncology nursing. The oncology attendants will offer guiding to the tumor patients. Oncology nursing training is to enhance the extension of the nursing employment. This is the restrictive course of restorative enlightenment which gives both theoretic and down to earth preparing gave to make them as nursing care specialists. The worldwide development requires the acknowledgment of a proficient status by including together. This shows the thanks of the claim for an all the more obviously explained nursing part are consolidated amid work contribution. This affirms about the tirelessness and estimation of part repeat and relations with an official gathering as a major aspect of the edifying strategy. Nursing Management is an imperative part of the nursing training. The nursing experts in radiation oncology field will be very demandable. Oncology nursing experts for the most part gives the palliative look after patients and solaces them. Cancer science Meetings will make another unrest in growth science and cancer nursing field.

  • Track 18-1Nursing Education
  • Track 18-2Nursing Management
  • Track 18-3Nursing Law
  • Track 18-4Clinical Nursing
  • Track 18-5Critical Care
  • Track 18-6Continuing Nursing Education

The tumor avoidance is chiefly to decrease the danger of getting cancer. There are numerous variables that we need to consider to counteract tumor, they are having a sound existence style, staying away from the cancer-causing agents and related substances, expending cancer immunizations that forestall disease. The cancer management should be possible by numerous routes relying on the phase of the disease. The growth medical procedure is the best alternative in the beginning time. Aside from medical procedure there are numerous treatments to deal with the growth. The immunotherapy that aides in fortifying the safe framework to treat growth. A few people will likewise go for elective medication. The exactness treatments or the accuracy meds can likewise be utilized to treat disease. Inspite of all treatment and administration, in last phases of disease just the palliative care can be given to the patients to comfort them. Disease Science and Therapy Conferences uncovers the contemporary changes in cancer field.

  • Track 19-1Lifestyle changes
  • Track 19-2Diet & Cancer
  • Track 19-3Vaccinations
  • Track 19-4Natural Therapy
  • Track 19-5Psychological & Social Aspects

Around 330,000 individuals are dissected with cancer every year and 161,000 will bite the dust, as indicated by measurements from Cancer Research UK, Cancer is caused by both inner components, (for example, hormones, inherited mutations and immune conditions) and natural variables. The critical way of life factors incorporate liquor, tobacco, consume less calories, heftiness, irresistible operators, ecological contaminations, and radiation increment the mortality of disease. Tobacco utilize expands the risk of creating no less than 14 sorts of cancer. The interminable liquor utilization is a hazard factor for malignancies of the upper air stomach related tract, including diseases of the oral pit, pharynx, hypopharynx, larynx, and throat. Various air toxins, for example, PAHs (polycyclic sweet-smelling hydrocarbons) increment the danger of lung tumor. Some cancer cases might be influenced by bright (UV), beat electromagnetic fields and radiation. Eating regimen is connected to tumor passings in colorectal S cases. The lesser genetic effect of cancer and the modifiable idea of the ecological factors direct to the preventability of cancer.

  • Track 20-1Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Track 20-2Diet and Obesity
  • Track 20-3Environmental pollutants
  • Track 20-4Radiation
  • Track 20-5Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Track 20-6Endoscopic Ultrasound
  • Track 20-7Tumor Molecular Profiling
  • Track 20-8X-Ray
  • Track 20-9Nuclear Medicine Imaging

In cancer treatment, the effectively existing medications are extremely identified with many symptoms and are profoundly noxious, which will decrease the personal satisfaction. This consolidates the revelation of novel methodologies in cancer treatment. The most vital approach is the cancer immunotherapy, in which the initiation of the insusceptible framework occurs for the treatment of tumor. Customarily the Cytokine treatment is considered as a backbone of immunotherapy for cancer. The antibodies like peptide immunizations, tumor cell immunizations, resistant cell immunizations, disease antibodies are considered as a writer finding in cancer field. In hematologic cancer, the adoptive cell therapy is pondered as another training for disease treatment. The molecular cancer therapy is reflected as a novel approach in disease treatment. Tumor Immunology assumes an imperative part in decision of new methodologies for disease therapeutics. Cancer Conferences communicates its push to battle growth.

  • Track 21-1Cancer Epigenetics
  • Track 21-2Molecular Profiling Techniques
  • Track 21-3New Biologics & Vaccines
  • Track 21-4Chemical Proteomics
  • Track 21-5Combination Strategies in Immuno-oncology
  • Track 21-6Novel Biomarker Discovery

The case reports are something which gives careful insights about the analysis, medications and further subsequent meet-ups, the statistic profiles of the patient. The writing audit of different patients may likewise show in a report for the reference. In cancer metastasis the case assumes a vital part to treat the patient. On another hand, it additionally makes a decent cancer therapy database which will be helpful for education and research. The cancer pathogenesis and its belongings can likewise be portrayed for a situation report. The case report is considered as a recounted prove, something which is viewed as exceptionally individual. Factual testing of the disease patients may likewise show for a situation report for reference. It is considered as a patient history, which will be more useful if there should arise an occurrence of disease. Cancer Therapy Conferences  is a stage to develop novel treatment for Cancer.

  • Track 22-1Unexpected/Unusual Conditions
  • Track 22-2Rare Surgical Condition of a cancer case
  • Track 22-3Novel Surgical Procedure
  • Track 22-4Adverse Effects