Tumor Virology, Immunology & Cellular Pathology

Oncogenes, tumour suppressors, oncogenic cofactors, disruption of innate and adaptive immune responses, latency, viral mimicry/piracy of cellular regulatory genes, genomic instability, and the function of non-coding RNAs in viral pathogenesis are all topics covered by tumour virology. The goal of this study is to advance vaccine techniques for the treatment of cancers associated with viral infections as well as viral vectors for human cancer gene therapy.

The most well-known application of cancer immunology is cancer immunotherapy, which makes use of the immune system as a cancer treatment. Cancer immunology is an interdisciplinary area of biology that focuses on understanding the role of the immune system in the development and progression of cancer.

The field of pathology known as cytopathology focuses on studying and diagnosing diseases at the cellular level. In 1928, George Nicolas Papanicolaou established the field. In contrast to histopathology, which examines complete tissues, cytopathology typically examines samples of free cells or fragments of tissue.


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